Hello world!

It has been a year of systematic and focused hard work developing the underlying technology that supports museofabber.com. Over the past 12 months we have experimented with, and learned about a ton of stuff, but I haven't put enough effort in sharing the journey publicly. Of course, I was always sharing experiences and challenges with a lot of people in offline events, meetings and conversations and this seemed to be enough. At least this was the case until a few weeks back when I got an exciting wake-up call.

It took a short mention in the NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Museum Edition to remind me that I should share more, more often and try to do it at scale. In particular, the report on page 29 reads:

..."Some museums and museum organisations, such as Museotechniki, believe that early and open communication of new ideas and digital tools enables the museum community to better evaluate their cultural impact."...

It was a dream come true moment! Museotechniki had earned a mention in the Horizon Report! It is great! But soon after the initial excitement I was thinking that we could do much better and that I should put more effort into sharing and communicating the ideas and experiments we conduct in house. Over the past few days I have thought of a few ways that we could do this. I am planning to try out a few of them in the coming months. But first, let's create a virtual place where it is safe to think, break, make and share anything.

So, here it is... the first blog post has been published! I hope, it will be the beginning of a challenging and creative journey.

Hello world!